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Project Online: OData improvements to include timestamps for project entities


Published On : March 18, 2017

Expires On : April 30, 2017

To improve the Project Online OData service, we’re adding modify dates to the following entities:

  • AssignmentBaseline
  • AssignmentBaselineTimephasedData
  • AssignmentTimephasedData
  • Engagement
  • EngagementsTimephasedData
  • ProjectBaseline
  • TaskBaseline
  • TaskBaselineTimephasedData
  • TaskTimephasedData
  • TimesheetLineActualData
  • ResourceDemandTimephasedData
  • ResourceTimephasedData

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How does this affect me?

These properties can be used to better understand when an entity is updated. This is helpful for organizations that are replicating Project Online reporting data to a SQL Server database using the OData protocol. These changes are rolling out and will be completed over the coming weeks.