Anyone who knows me understands I am a huge reporting/Business Intelligence advocate.  Many reasons organizations look to implementing a Enterprise Project Management solution do so because they lack timely, sophisticated, and accurate reporting today. 

With the release of Project Online we are constantly being asked by potential customers “What’s the difference, nothings really sticks out to us”.  These questions are why it’s important to understand that Project Online is really meant as a different offering than Project Server 2013, which I typically refer to as a subset of functionality.  While there are other items one needs to understand, when it comes to reporting, the matrix below is very thorough.  If a customer has very specific reporting requirements, the chosen product line will have to be made carefully. 

Regarding the list below and this post, I would very much be interested in hearing how important reporting is to those reading this post.  Please provide your comments below (no login necessary).  We’d like to hear from you.  -Dan