Hello Folks,

Well most of us are aware that Microsoft has recently released Project in the cloud, Project Connect.  When it comes to considering the cloud there are some things clients typically ask.  Such as:

  • Where’s my data stored and who has access to it. 
  • How long are backups archived
  • etc.

Just recently I had a request to get a copy of the actual project services database in order to replicate the environment on premise for reporting and sandbox purposes.  I was referred to a post by Brian Smith dated March 21, 2013.  Apparently this is a somewhat regularly asked question.  The short answer is access to exported copy of the database is not possible.  If you desire additional reporting via SQL Reporting Services or Analysis Services (not available on Project Online), you could potentially use OData to pull much of the data you could by having the database in your possession.  Of course there are other options.  A link to Brian’s post may be found below. 

Brian’s Post: How do I get a copy of my databases?

White Paper: There is also a white-paper discussing  office 365 Security you can access here.

Of course there are a number of other things to be aware of that are not mentioned in this article.  Your best source of information is your partner.  With that said, feel free to contact anyone on the MS Project Now! team if you have questions about Project in the cloud.


-Daniel Bell | Principal | MS Project Now!

[email protected]