February has been a big month for Office 365 with tons of new features available for all of us to use. Here is a summary list of all the great new options available:

Enhancements to Office on Mobile devices:

Annotate with ink on Windows tablets—This is a great new feature allowing drawing and annotating:


Pin your docs to the Start menu on Windows phones and tablets—So it’s even easier to pick up where you left off.

Insert images using the camera on your phone or tablet— Office apps are now integrated with your device’s built-in camera.

Enabling partner storage to integrate in Office for iPhone and iPad- Office is now for iOS too. This integration is now available with Box in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Other partners are coming soon.

Boosting Excel with more functions charts and sharing – Microsoft added more ways to manipulate, visualize, and share your data with Excel. New functions make it simpler and faster.


Excel is now more integrated into the Power BI service too. This means you can now pin your workbook’s rich formatted charts and graphs directly to your Power BI dashboards and interact with them from anywhere. There are also improvements to Outlook and Office for Mac updates.


For all your Office 365 needs, please contact us and to read the whole article about February updates here is the full article in the Office Blogs.