Cloud security and data privacy are incredibly hot topics right now. Microsoft is amazing when it comes to tackling the topic of security.

Microsoft notes that the top 5 threats they most often hear from companies and institutions considering Microsoft cloud services from Office 365 to Microsoft Azure are:

  1. Malicious Insiders
  2. Data Breach
  3. Data Loss
  4. Insufficient Due Diligence
  5. Account Hijacking

All of these threats have been popular in the media lately and each have corresponding controls architected into the Office 365 and Azure services as part of a proactive assumed breach approach where Microsoft default assume that a sophisticated enough attacker will find a means to compromise the service. Services are architected with built-in network and resource isolation to limit the attack surface. And beyond the defense in depth measures architected into the service they also explore what you can do as an administrator to mitigate risk such as delegating appropriate levels of access to administrators and users along with safeguards like multi-factor authentication. These controls are ultimately up to your company to configure and manage. If you want more information on Cloud services from Office 365 to Microsoft Azure, please contact us. For even more information on this topic and to see a great video: Microsoft Garage series catalog.