I cannot even recall how many times I have seen this error when working on either moving a Microsoft Project Server or SharePoint instance to a different server/domain/etc., or performing an upgrade.  Lets just say I’ve encountered it many times.  This time was a bit unique, and related to a Microsoft Project Server 2007 –> Microsoft Project Server 2013 upgrade.  Everything appeared to go smooth until we tried to access the PWA site with the account used to perform the 2013 conversion step.  When accessing we receive the notorious “This site has not been shared with you” message.  The logs provided a bit more detail:

PWA:http://astsharepoint1/pwa, ServiceApp:Project Server Service Application, User:PROJECTSERVERsystem, PSI: User i:0#.w|corpspfarm.internal could not be authenticated because logon permission has not been granted, LogLevelManager Warning-ulsID:0x00212098 has no entities explicitly specified.                b5d5e49c-5864-4087-bc78-78abac3fdc6a

The message in bright red provided a bit more information.  We found a couple hits online where others have had a similar error and resolved it.  None of the solutions we found proved successful.  We ended up taking a very simple approach to see if it would work.  What we used is a powershell command Grant-SPProjectAdministratorAccess.  The full command is below:

Grant-SPProjectAdministratorAccess -Url http://contoso-AppSrv/pwa -UserAccount contosojohn.woods

We of course changed the variables to represent our environment.  Fortunately the fix worked.  Hope if works for others as well.