Proactively manage your Project Portfolio with Microsoft Project Server

Selecting the “right” projects at the “right” time is mission critical for any organization.

Decision makers require an objective overview of their project investment to easily evaluate, prioritize and approve project proposals and business cases based on their strategic value.

Project managers need to easily build and justify robust business cases and monitor their approval and people at all levels in an organization require the ability to submit ideas for management to consider.

Microsoft Project Server enables your organization to proactively manage its project portfolio by giving visibility to all project work and addressing the needs of the entire organization.

Microsoft Project Server not only empowers your organization and its decision makers to make objective and ultimately successful decisions, but also enables everyone involved in a project to efficiently and effectively execute organizational goals.

Evaluate your Project Proposals

A consistent approach to collecting, storing and analyzing project information enables organizations to choose the most valuable ideas and project proposals. Mapping clear business drivers to proposals enables decision makers to make the right project investment and allows the initiator to determine measurable business benefits.

Microsoft Project Server helps your organization capture and evaluate project ideas through a standardized process that feeds detailed business cases and project charters to management for review.

With Microsoft Project Server, your organization will benefit from intuitive intake forms that capture information to help decision makers evaluate project proposals using a consistent set of business rules.

Select the right Projects for your Organizational Strategy

Selecting the optimal project portfolio for your organization requires careful consideration. Decision makers need to prioritize proposals based on the alignment of organizational goals.

Modeling different portfolio scenarios helps decision makers identify the right projects by balancing budgetary and resource constraints with the work that can be accomplished by a limited workforce.

Microsoft Project Server helps decision makers easily model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers and considering the cost and resource constraint within an organization. “What if” scenarios can be created to compare different execution strategies. This provides decision makers with the visibility to effectively manage all constraints and make the right portfolio decisions consistently.

Manage your Project Lifecycle

Project managers plan, execute, and ultimately complete projects, often with input from several parties, including project team members, functional resource managers, customers, and other project stakeholders.

Microsoft Project Server enables your organization to effectively manage a project and portfolio lifecycle in a single solution for all stakeholders.

Microsoft Project Server arms project and resource managers with the tools that they need to effectively develop a sophisticated project schedule, resource plan, create and share documents and other artifacts with the team, and identify risks and issues that could impact the project.

Project managers need an effective way to collaborate with their teams to gather progress, identify issues, and react to constant change; Microsoft Project Server provides project teams with a set of cloud-based tools for submitting their progress, sharing their deliverables, and identifying and tracking their issues – regardless of their location.

Microsoft Project Server streamlines project planning, controlling, and closure processes by prompting project managers and teams for information at the right points in the process, locking information as necessary, and routing approval requests to the appropriate decision makers.

View your Projects, Programs, and Portfolios

Managers and decision makers need the ability to easily see the status, health, and issues affecting projects and programs across the entire portfolio. With Microsoft Project Server, project managers can access accurate and timely information in a consolidated view.

Microsoft Project Server allows for the planning and management of projects, programs, and portfolios in one location, so decision makers, customers, and other stakeholders have a single destination to find all the information they need to make important decisions.

Microsoft Project Server also centralizes viewing of project, program, and portfolio status with visual KPIs for quick exception-based analysis, as well as ‘drill-down’ capabilities for deep portfolio, program, and project analysis.

Rich reporting capabilities in Microsoft Project Server enable managers and decision makers to easily perform detailed analysis of information across projects, programs, or entire portfolios.