We all try to keep our projects on track, but even with the best teams and the best plans, projects can sometimes get off track. So then what do you do – how do you get a project back on track? Instead of continuing down a path that was going anywhere, sometimes you need to go for a reboot. Forget what you did yesterday and just think what should we do today?


Here is a list of 6 steps from experts that can help you get your project back on track:


  1. Tap Internal Know-how – Get to know the people on the project. Lots of times they’re under-utilized.
  2. Broadcast the Urgency – Show the urgency and importance of the project, even if it means filling the refrigerator with caffeine drinks to help people work longer.
  3. Ask for Help – Going straight to the top when things head south can really help. Getting your executive involved can make a huge difference.
  4. Remind People Why the Project Matters – Make sure that the project has been represented to its participants not as a series of deadlines and tasks, but as something that’s going to serve a purpose.
  5. Understand Your Stakeholders – Doing so ensures that when a project hits bumps, the PMO will understand what motivates everyone, what they’re “ultimately looking for,” and therefore what the best resolution would be.
  6. Kill Early and Often – Really analyze that off track Project, figure out what’s wrong with it, and either get it back on track, put it on hold or kill it.

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