This falls under SharePoint upgrade but I have seen clients creating sites using Fabulous 40 templates in the same database where PWA resides and it breaks the Microsoft Project server 2013 upgrade. So, run below command to verify if Fab 40 templates are installed in Project Server 2007 environment or not:

stsadm -o enumtemplates > c:AllSiteTemplates.txt

– If above command doesn’t bring anything, follow below step to find it out:

run the SPSFarmReport tool and in the “Solutions” section of the report generated by the tool, see if you have below solution:


If yes, Fab 40 templates are installed in the farm.

I listed the Fab 40 template names for ready reference:

· Absence Request and Vacation Schedule Management absence#0

· Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects projmulti#0

· Bug Database bt#0

· Call Center callcenter callcenter#0

· Change Request Management        projchange#0

· Compliance Process Support Site comproc#0

· Contacts Management CM#0

· Document Library and Review DR#0

· Event Planning eventplan#0

· Expense Reimbursement and Approval exreports#0

· Help Desk helpdesk#0

· Inventory Tracking IT#0

· IT Team Workspace itteam#0

· Job Requisition and Interview Management JRIM#0

· Knowledge Base kb#0

· Lending Library ll#0

· Physical Asset Tracking and Management patm#0

· Project Tracking Workspace projsing#0

· Room and Equipment Reservations RER#0

· Sales Lead Pipeline ST#0

If they are installed, the next task is to find out if these templates are used in creating any sites under PWA site collection. If yes, let your customer know that they are deprecated and there is no upgrade path for those. Once your customer agrees, just delete the sites created using these templates(Be sure to take a back up first) and then perform the upgrade.