Issue 1

I run into a problem when I try to connect to it through Excel. Here is what I’m doing:

· Open Excel

· Choose Data à Connections

· Choose Add

· Choose Browse for More…

· Try to paste in the URL (/PWA/ProjectBICenter/Data%20Connections%20for%20PerformancePoint”>http://<serverName>/PWA/ProjectBICenter/Data%20Connections%20for%20PerformancePoint)

· At this point I get this error:



Answer 1

Check out this post. I ran into this first issues myself and resolved as shown:



Issue 2

I get an error when I try to create new Data Connection. Here is what I’m doing:

· Open Dashboard Designer

· Right click Data Connections

· Choose New Data Source

· Select Analysis Services

· I get this error:



Answer 2

For your second issue, check out this post.  You may need to set the unattended service account for PerformancePoint.