Description of the Project 2010 hotfix package (Project-x-none.msp): October 25, 2011 

Folks, this hotfix seems to address several issues that you may have seen and some that will save you heaps of time (and did not know about).
Read on and let us know how your testing goes.   Also – Microsoft has let us know that there is a minor delay in the release of the Project Server 2010 Cumulative Update for October 2011.

Issues that this hotfix package fixes
  • Assume that you change certain values in a project that contains many tasks in Project 2010. In this situation, Project 2010 takes a long time to recalculate the project.
  • Consider the following scenarios:
    • You change the timephased work in a Project 2010 project.
    • You change the remaining work for a task or an assignment in a Project 2010 project.
    • You enter a time value for the timephased work and the time granularity is more than one day.

    In any one of these three scenarios, the actual work is re-scheduled unexpectedly. Additionally, you do not receive a message that notifies you that the project is out of sync with the Project server.

  • When you try to print an .mpp file directly from Windows Explorer, you receive the following error message:  An unexpected error occurred.
  • Project 2010 stops responding when you try to open a project that contains incorrect manually scheduled task date values.
  • When you open a Network Diagram view in Project 2010 and print or print preview a project, the fill color of the task boxes is the same as the border color of the task boxes. Therefore, the text that is inside the task boxes appears fuzzy or unreadable. This issue specifically occurs when you print preview a project or print a project by using a black-and-white printer.
  • Assume that the custom duration fields are defined in an Office Project 2007 project. In this situation, you may be unable to open the project file in Project 2010.
  • When you try to update deliverables or dependencies in a project that contains more than 159 deliverables, the update process may fail.