Hey Folks,

I do this so often I thought I’d write myself a quick step-by-step rapid install for PS2010.  My next install related post will be reporting on a powershell script based install.  Enjoy!

  1. Install Windows Server 2008 R2
  2. Connect to domain
  3. Install proper server roles
    1. Application Server
    2. Web Server
  4. Install SQL 2008 R2, etc., server
    1. Configure network settings
      1. SQL Server Configuration Manager –> SQL Server Network Configuration
        1. TCP/IP Enabled
    2. Enable CLR
      1. sp_configure ‘clr enabled’, 1
      2. go
      3. reconfigure
      4. go
    3. Configure Analysis Services
      1. Add Farm Administrator to OLAP Users Group
      2. Configure Farm Administrator account to have administrative permissions in SQL Analysis Services
  5. Install SharePoint Server 2010
    1. Install Prerequisites
    2. Install SharePoint Server 2010
  6. Install Project Server 2010
  7. Run SharePoint Configuration Wizard
  8. Run Farm Wizard
    1. Use Farm Admin unless granular
    2. Start required services
    3. Create Top-level site
      1. Grant Permissions
        1. Site Actions –> Site Permissions
          1. Grant Permissions
            2. Visitors (Read)
  9. Create a Project Server Web App
    1. Central Administration –> Application Management –> Manage Service Applications
    2. Click the Project Server Service Application
    3. Click Create New Project Web App Site
    4. Enter parameters and click OK
  10. Configure Excel Services
    1. in SQL Management studio, add report viewers security group to reporting database with db_datareader and public permissions
    2. URLs for Trusted Data Connections and Report Libraries
      1. From the Business Intelligence center, click on Data Connections the the English (United States) check box.
        1. click View Properties
        2. Right click English (United States) and select copy shorcut.
      2. Business Intelligence, click on Data Connections
      3. Navigate to Central Administration –> Manage Service Applications
      4. Click on the non-hyperlink portion of the row for Excel Services Application
      5. Click the Manage button in the ribbon
      6. Click the Global Settings link
        1. Scroll to the External Data area and enter ProjectServerApplication in the Application ID box.
        2. Click OK
      7. Click the Trusted File Locations link
        1. Click Add Trusted File Location
          1. paste your address previously copies in teh Address box
          2. Check the Children Trusted checkbox
          3. Deselect the checkbox for Warn on Refresh