Recently I had built an image with Project Server 2010 and I was having issues with Excel Services.  The report templates worked fine, in as much as I could create reports from them.  When trying to saving them from Excel to a SharePoint list, I received an error message stating “Cannot use this application to save here”.  this issue actually had to do with the fact that I was using Windows Server 2008 R2 (the image itself), to save the reports.  Well it turns out you must enable the desktop experiencing in Windows Server 2008 R2 in order to save Excel workbooks to a SharePoint list.  Once I enabled it this worked fine. 

Unfortunately I began receiving another error message when trying to execute the report via Excel Services once deployed to the SharePoint list.  This error was complaining and saying the .odc connection file was not in a trusted location.  Although I followed the steps correctly in Technet to configure Project Server 2010 reporting, however, the issue persisted.  It turns out I had to add an additional Trusted Data connection location:


http://mpntrain01/PWA/ProjectBICenter/Data%20Connections%20for%20PerformancePoint/English%20(United%20States)/MPNTRAIN01 – pwa/

Once I added the second line, the reports worked ok.  Except for just one last error.  This error was warning of data refresh.  To resolve this warning I had to deselect the warn on refresh checkbox for the following Trusted File Location:



That’s it for tonight.