Jeff Pikulik from Microsoft wrote a great Article with 5 tips to drive project success that we wanted to share with you:

1) Ensure that you have full project details before starting – This is a critical.

2) Have the right project management team in place Limit the number of people involved; smaller, more focused is ideal.

3) Set expectations — and milestones – and roles and responsibilities up front – Set clear expectations of success, timeline and roles.

4) Don’t micromanageTo avoid micromanaging, focus on outcomes first, tasks second.

5) Make sure you have a good system in place for managing the project, one that everyone can and will use – Use collaboration software that keeps timeline, documents and threaded communication in one place. Adopt the rule, if it’s not in the team site, nor up to date, it doesn’t count. (Microsoft Project is an ideal collaboration software!)

Strategy +Alignment and Execution equals Success.

For more information on how to make all your projects successful please contact us and here is the full article from Jeff Pikulik.