One of the main reasons companies come to MS Project Now! is help with tracking project initiatives. A recent customer came to us with this issue. They had no way to track all project initiatives in a single location. Project requests were coming in via emails, from the help desk and by people stopping each other in the hall, they lacked consistency and tracking. Managing the requests was a challenge for this customer’s Project Managers because they could not do all of the projects. They had to decide which project to focus on first based on resource availability. It was also difficult for this organization to see which people were working on which project, across multiple projects and when those people would be available for additional work.

MS Project Now! was able to help this customer by using Project Server, they now have a formal intake process for the three main types of projects. Each request is now entered into the system and goes through its own custom workflow. If this sounds at all like your organization please contact us.