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December 21, 2022

The Benefits of Microsoft Project Online

Project Managing is a juggling act that requires delivering complex projects in the correct order — on time. Conversely, it's for this reason that Microsoft Project Online exists.

But what is Microsoft's Project Online? Read more to find out.

What Is Microsoft Project Online?

Microsoft Project Online is a cloud-based software solution designed to be a fully integrated project portfolio management (PPM) tool for all users of an organization. This would be from the Project Management Office, to executives, to the Team members doing the work of the project.

A project management tool curial to project managers, with four out of five project managers stating they can't do their job without them.

Microsoft's Project Online tool, which includes MS Project, consolidates all the data related to multiple projects and turns it into visuals that are easy to understand and will prioritize tasks, as well as making resource material easier to access, as well as:

  • Automating Scheduling
  • Task Assignments
  • Generating performance and status reports

Project Online is a Project Management software solution created by Microsoft, it can integrate with the entire Microsoft 365 suite and their OneDrive cloud base solution.

The Benefits of Using Microsoft Project Online

There are many benefits of utilizing Microsoft's PPM software solution, which include:

Assists With Timings

One of the ongoing issues with project management is meeting deadlines on time. The best way of achieving this is to create a project plan with a well thought-out ask list. Meaning, a robust schedule. You use Microsoft PPM to create a Work Breakdown Structure that will be a list of tasks to be completed, their staging, durations and amount of work.

Microsoft PPM will automate most of the tasks and keep a record with reminders of when to start and finish projects. Staging project starts will be based on available resources. In addition, the resource Management capabilities of Project Online help organizations determine when resources are available, helping to determine when new initiatives may be taken on.

Collaborating Is Easier

No project can be completed in isolation. With PPMs being developed for easier collaboration, everyone is now on the same page. Your collaboration hub is primarily done via the Project Site.

Here your team can collaborate on Documents, Issues, and Risks. Also included is a OneNote notebook, team calendar, and other team-friendly objects.

Adding users to Microsoft Project Online is a simple task.

With Project Online, you can assign individuals direct tasks to complete with deadlines and reminders. Also, all communications and project updates are done in real-time. Considering the importance of communication to project success, this is a BIG DEAL!

A common issue that leads to the failure to adopt a PPM is individuals not using the software. To overcome this issue, your software solution must be easy to use.

Luckily, most corporate workers will be familiar with Microsoft. In addition, Office 365 Microsoft Project the desktop application has been used by project managers for many years. This also makes adoption of Microsoft PPM much easier.

Using Data On The Move

With Microsoft PPM, you can make more informed decisions about the progress of the overarching project.

All the data generated in reports are easy to understand and current. If there are any issues, such as a bottleneck or poor performance of deliveries, you can take instant action.

For many organizations, real-time, accurate information from which informed decisions can be made is unavailable. Microsoft Project Online remedies this.

Automated Visual Data and Reports

Project management requires individuals to focus on the task at hand. This means generating easy-to-understand visuals, and reports often have to take place after hours.

But with real-time updates and automated visual data and reports, these are completed without investing time into the task.

And how is this reporting provided you ask? Well via OData feeds and Microsoft Power BI! Power BI is used quite prevalently to create dynamics reports and dashboard for project management offices (PMO) in the way of a Portfolio Overview, Status Reports, Resource Heatmaps, and much more.

Easy Integration With Other Tools

As mentioned, the user experience with any software can make or break it. Microsoft's products, they've all been developed with the user experience in mind.

Also, they easily integrate with each other. If timings are put into an Excel Spreadsheet, a simple click of the button and it's integrated into PPM software.

But what if your team needs assistance in adopting Microsoft Project Online?

Integent Will Help Your Team Use Microsoft Project Online

Integent has been in the business of educating the USA's workforce on how to use Microsoft's products since 2009 - and includes Microsoft Project Online.

We offer a full range of training services, Integent is ready to establish lasting relationships with all of our clients.

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