I was recently performing a development refresh of a Project Server 2007 environment for a client this week in preparation for training we are to be conducting.  In this case I needed the Project Workpaces as well.  The simple approach I took is outlined below:


  1. Log into SharePoint Central Administration in the development environment
  2. Navigate to the SSP for the development instance of PWA
  3. Delete the PWA instance
  4. Backup your 5 project server databases from the production environment and restore them on your development server environment
  5. Provision a development PWA instance, specifying the four project server databases restored in the previous step.
    1. Note that in this case I used port 80 (/PWA">http://<serverName>/PWA)
  6. Validate your PWA instance is functioning correctly
    1. Navigate to Project Center, Resource Center, etc.
  7. Create a new Web Application from within SharePoint Central Administration
    1. In this case I created it on port 91 (:91">http://<serverName>:91)
  8. Attach the content database you copied from production and restored in a previous step
    1. You can, if you like, remove the content database created when you created the web application.  Since it’s empty it does not matter.
  9. Download the Project Server 2007 Resource Kit
  10. Extract it so c:PS2007RK
  11. Start > Run > CMD
  12. Browse to c:PS2007RK
  13. Run the following command
    1. RelinkAllWSSSites.exe :91">http://<serverName>:91 /PWA">http://<serverName>/PWA
  14. Browse to PWA and confirm all SharePoint Project Workspaces are available.