Folks – recently I have been seeing quite a few similar questions around external access to a project whether it is via PWA or Project Professional.  We cover this in our PM Training and have seen these several times with folks upgrade from Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2010.

With Project Server 2010 the Project Manager (once they have a domain account) you can use the Project Permissions via the Project Center to set the specific permissions that you need.  I recommend using the Group permission approach if this is a repeated action. 

In Project Center – click the Project Permissions button.  Not many Project Users or even those seasoned Project veterans out there know about this or even use it – however I find that it is great for some situations.

One question wanted to know how to have an external user see only one project in PWA.  After you get them a domain account you can set the following three (3) project-level permissions.  Note – there are others as well.

– View the Project Summary in the Project Center 
– View the Project Schedule Details in Project Web App 
– View the Project Site 

Again all of this is at the individual project level.


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