The holiday season arrives so quickly, tomorrow actually, which is really frightening for most of us. The chaos of the holidays has already hit when I walk into the Mall or even just go to the grocery store. There is just too much to do and too little time to do it, sorting through all my work and personal to-do’s for the next few weeks is overwhelming. I don’t even want to think about buying presents and sending holiday cards, all inside of four weeks.

What is a good project manager do with this? Approach it like any other project: get a plan, build out a schedule and create tasks!

  • Create a personal to-do list
  • Create sub folders and tasks for each of your events. Group events together and do as many things that are close to each other as possible.
  • Create notes and schedules for your to-do’s, so they are organized and well thought out.
  • Check items off your list as you finish them. Remember to stay focused.

As PM’s you are used to this and should plan for a certain level of unpredictability. Plan and understand the timing of what you need to do. Fighting for parking spaces is just part of life at this time of year. Just don’t forget to take a moment between all the chaos to look around enjoy, reflect on the family and friends that surround you. All our best to you and yours.