To provide a better user experience and support the scale at which customers operate, Microsoft has started to roll out performance enhancements to Microsoft Project Online tenants worldwide.

Here are a few of the improvements:

  • Project Center—In particular, navigating to a specific project from Project Center. Microsoft invested in optimization that eliminates certain intermediate steps.
  • Interacting with projects on the web—Performance optimizations, all the way from SQL tier to the web UI will speed up user experience.
  • Creating and publishing a project—Microsoft has improved queue jobs required to create and publish projects. This enables users to seamlessly transition out and start working on the next stage of the project much faster.
  • Submitting timesheets—Improvements to page performance will allow users to quickly submit their timesheets.

Microsoft is also providing new levers to Microsoft Project Online administrators to further enhance the value for their organizations. They are:

  • Option to turn off the creation of Enterprise Project sites.
  • Option to turn off the Task List Sync
  • Projects limit per PWA instance increased to 5,000
  • PWA instances per tenant increased to seven

More improvements will be coming soon. To see how your organization can benefit from using Project Online contact us today.

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