When you embark on an upgrade project from Microsoft Project Server 2007 to Microsoft Project Server 2013, you have this article from Microsoft as far as environment specification goes. However, I have realized that there is a need for a separate article that elaborates on upgrade specifications. One of the MUST items that I discovered is:

– Determine the size of the largest DB of PS 2007 environment out of all five databases 1. Publish 2. Draft 3. Archive 4. Reporting 5. Content and request 3 times the space of the largest database for the upgrade process. For example, if the content database size is 150 GB, it is safe to request around 450 GB disc space in both PS 2010 and PS 2013 environments. This is more than what you find in this article. We should request 3 times the largest DB space because when the upgrade is underway, it continuously generates transaction log for the purpose of rollback which usually grows to 2 to 3 times the database size. I don’t know if this is documented but I have seen this happen in every upgrade process.

I will keep posting more items as I discover.

Hope it helps! If you have any questions please contact us.