When you first attempt to create a PerformancePoint report you may receive an error stating an issue with an unattended service account.  The steps below will resolve this error and allow you to develop your reports.


Step Action Details
1 Launch SharePoint Central Administration by Selecting Start > SharePoint 2010 Central Administration image
2 Under Application Management, select Manage Service Applications image
3 Select PerformancePoint Service Application image
4 Select PerformancePoint Service Application Settings. image
5 Specify a Windows authenticated account in the format domainuserid for the Unattended Service Account User Name andand a password, then select OK. image

Once the unattended service account has been configured, you must grant that account access to your data sources:

  • For SQL Server data, the account must have a SQL logon with db_datareader permissions on each database that you want to access.
  • For SQL Server Analysis Services data, the account must have read access to the cube or an appropriate portion of the cube, depending on your needs.
  • For Excel Services data, the account must have access to the Microsoft Excel workbook in a SharePoint document library.
  • For data in a SharePoint list, the account must have read access to the list.