I recently had a client in a situation where they started a delegate session as another user, however, that other user was not assigned to any security groups within Project Web App.  Obviously this caused an issue as the user could no longer access PWA.  Simply logging in as another use and delete the delegate does not resolve this either.  The correction is easy, provided you are not weary of running update statements against your published database.  In a nutshell, there is a field in the MSP_PROJECTS table named RES_ACTING_AS_UID.  This field gets populated with a UID of the DELEGATION being used which is located in the MSP_RESOURCE_DELEGATIONS table.  To cancel the delegation, you merely set the RES_ACTING_AS_UID field to null.  Here’s a simple process to do so:

Locate the user record assigned to the delegation as follows:

SELECT RES_UID, RES_ACTING_AS_UID from MSP_PROJECTS where RES_NAME like ‘%resourceLastName%’

Make note of the value in the RES_ACTING_AS_UID field.  if there is no value, then this resource is not currently acting as a delegate.  If there is a value and this person IS having issues you can set this value to NULL, which will cancel the delegation.  Do so as follows (you will need the RES_UID field from above:


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