In this case the use was unable to see the home page of pwa to log in.   We gave her the direct URL to Project Center, and was able to see that, however, she was unable to navigate to other areas of the tool.  The issue ended up being a corrupt timesheet.  The query and info below will help determine this:


Please find the steps below and let us know in case of any clarification.

Run the following query to retrieve the list of timesheets pending for approval

exec MSP_WEB_SP_QRY_ReadTimesheetsPendingApproval @managerUID=’3EA2CD55-7DF0-4804-B457-84B8398487DE’,@start=’1984-01-01 00:00:00′,@finish=’2049-12-31 23:59:54′,@resUIDs=N’All’

From the results, find any timesheets with duplicate timesheet ID

Please let us know in case of any clarification. (added my co-worker in the thread)