MS Project 2013 Training: The Essentials

Group Training | 1 Day
Get the essential skills needed to effectively use the powerful functionality of the Microsoft Project scheduling engine every day by attending our MS Project 2013 Training: The Essentials. You’ll learn how to build and manage project schedules in an interactive environment, quickly mastering the best practices that will optimize your use of MS Project 2013. Coursework will begin with an overview of the Project interface, then we’ll dive into the steps required to build and execute a successful project schedule: project definition, task, resource and assignment planning, schedule planning, and more.

Through lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn techniques such as schedule structure, building the WBS, using milestones, and tracking progress. Real-world scenarios will solidify your understanding of different scheduling situations and how to handle them.

This course is specifically designed to instruct you on the use of the technology, as well as best-practice schedule development. The course is also a great way to jump-start your skills when they have ceased to progress.

After attending this MS Project 2013 Training course, you’ll understand the processes of project scheduling and control, and be able to implement those processes in Project Professional. The course includes both lecture and hands-on exercises.

Target Audience
project managers, schedulers and other individuals that need to create, maintain, and track project schedules in Microsoft Project.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs and basic project management principles helpful.

Provided with the Course
Training manual, quick reference guide, access to download and install Microsoft Project Professional for duration of class.

Project Management Institute
Integent LLC is a Global Registered education provider with the Project Management Institute, and this course provides 8 PDUs

What You’ll Learn

Download PDF of Syllabus

Meet the Project Application

  • Meet the Project family
  • See the new features in Project 2013
  • You as a project manager

Take a guided tour of Project

  • The Project interface: Finding your way around
  • The backstage view: Managing files and settings options
  • The ribbon and tabs: Finding the features you want
  • Reports: Seeing project status in new ways
  • Key points

Start a new plan

  • Starting a new plan
  • Setting nonworking days in the project calendar
  • Enter the plan title and other properties
  • Key points

Build a task list

  • Entering Task Names
  • Enter task durations
  • Enter milestone tasks
  • Create summary tasks to outline the plan
  • Create task dependencies with links
  • Switch task scheduling from manual to automatic
  • Check a plan’s duration and finish date
  • Document task information with notes and hyperlinks
  • Key points

Set up resources

  • Enter work resource names
  • Enter resources maximum capacity
  • Enter resource pay rates
  • Adjust working time in a resource calendar
  • Set up cost resources
  • Document resources by using notes
  • Key points

Assign resources to tasks

  • Assign work resources to tasks
  • Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments
  • Assigning cost resources to tasks
  • Check the plan duration, cost and work
  • Key points

Format and share your plan

  • Customize a Gantt Chart view
  • Customize a timeline view
  • Customize reports
  • Copy views and reports
  • Print views and reports
  • Key points

Track Progress: Basic techniques

  • Save a baseline of your plan
  • Track a plan as scheduled through a specific date
  • Enter a task’s completion percentage
  • Enter actual values for tasks
  • Key points