Microsoft Project Online for Administrators

Private Group Training | 2 Days

Whether you are new to Microsoft Project Online or you have been using it for a while, very often there are individuals who want to understand some of the more common functional administrative tasks of the solution. Not necessarily the very complex administrative tasks that are performed infrequently, however, the items that are less complex and most often requested by the business. If this is the case then this is the course for you. This course covers those tasks that we have found organizations need or want to perform most often on a day-to-day basis.

The course starts with a brief overview of the Microsoft Project Online interface, then we dive right into the Server Setting sections available in this critical tool. You’ll perform various exercises that will cover everything from creating custom fields and lookup tables, creating views to meet end-user information needs, to configuring an Enterprise Project Type to facilitate project intake. Both lectures and hands-on exercises ensure your ability to more fully comprehend the material and optimize your investment.

Target Audience
This course is for Project Administrators, Project Managers, and other users who are configuring and administering the use Microsoft Project or Microsoft Project Online in any organization.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs, basic project management principles helpful, and some technical background helpful.

Provided with the Course
Training manual, exercise booklet, exercise files, and access to a Microsoft Project Online training environment for the class.

Project Management Institute
This course does not provide any PDUs.

What You’ll Learn

Download PDF of Syllabus

Introducing Microsoft Project Online

  • What is project online
  • Project Online Terminology
  • The Project Online interactive update cycle
  • Database schemas in Project Online

Project Web App Orientation

  • The Home Page
  • Project Center
  • Working with the Ribbons and Views
  • Resource Center
  • Tasks and Timesheet
  • Approvals
  • Issues and Risks
  • Reports
  • Managing Alerts and Reminders

Configuring and Managing Security

  • Creating and Editing Users
  • Understanding Permission Mode
  • Granting Access to Project Online
  • Understanding Project Online Security and Permissions
  • Understanding the Difference between Users and Resources
  • Controlling Security with Groups
  • Managing Security Categories
  • Assigning Project Permissions
  • Understanding the Default Groups and Categories
  • Managing Delegates

Creating System Meta-Data and Calendars

  • Understanding Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables
  • Creating and Editing Custom Enterprise Lookup Tables in Project Web App
  • Creating and Editing Enterprise Custom Fields in Project Web App
  • Creating and Importing Enterprise Custom Fields in Microsoft Project
  • Defining Enterprise Calendars

Building and Managing the Enterprise Resource Pool

  • Understanding Resource Types
  • Working in the Resource Center
  • Creating and Editing Resources
  • Importing the Enterprise Resource Pool
  • Deactivating Resources

Configuring Time and Task Tracking

  • Understanding the Configuration of Time and Task Progress Tracking
  • Defining Fiscal Periods
  • Defining and Managing Time Reporting Periods
  • Defining Timesheet Line Classifications
  • Setting Timesheet Options
  • Creating and Managing Administrative Time Categories
  • Setting Your Task Tracking Options
  • Configuring Timesheet Managers
  • Disabling Timesheet Functionality

Creating and Managing Enterprise Views

  • Creating and Customizing Grouping Formats in Project Web App
  • Creating and Customizing Gantt Chart Formats in Project Web App
  • Creating and Editing Views in Project Web App
  • Creating and Managing Views in Microsoft Project

Working with Project Sites

  • Introducing SharePoint Project Sites
  • Managing SharePoint Lists and Libraries
  • Creating and Modifying a SharePoint Site Template

Finalizing Project Online Setup

  • Customizing the Quick Launch Menu
  • Accessing the Additional Server Settings Page
  • Specifying Enterprise Settings
  • Specifying Resource Capacity Settings
  • Selecting the Full-Time Equivalent Calculation Setting
  • Specifying the Default Task Mode Settings
  • Enabling Notification Email Alerts and Reminders

Maintaining Project Online Day to Day

  • Understanding the Job Queue
  • Managing Enterprise Objects
  • Forcing the Check-in of Objects
  • Deleting Archived Project Sites
  • Changing Project Ownership