Microsoft Project Server Support

While Microsoft Project Server is a powerful on-premises solution for project portfolio management, to manage and deliver even better, Integent’s Microsoft Project Server Support will provide the expertise to deliver.

Leverage our years of experience, noteworthy professional certifications, and our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner in Project and Portfolio Management to reliably understand, diagnose, and resolve problems. We also keep you up to date on best practices and changes to the software, the industry, or new approaches.

Are your reports utilizing the proper feed? Are you properly integrated with SQL Server or Excel? Are you properly supporting your Business Intelligence objectives? Is your workflow structure sloppy or secure? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Many Integent customers have found that their install and migration was more complex than they expected. Wherever you encounter a problem, by partnering with Integent for Microsoft Project Server Support, you’ll find that we convert our experience into your solution. The result? Success.


With Microsoft Project Server integrated into all aspects of your enterprise, the opportunity to encounter difficulty with undertrained team members, imprecisely configured workflows, or clog microsoft project server supyour pipeline is always present. Integent Microsoft Project Server Support is first and foremost reassurance – we are the experts you can count on. But we also are your problem-preventers, calling on our decades of experience and our Microsoft Project Server Support savvy to identify the problem by recall and spitball workable solutions without breaking a sweat. If it’s tougher, that’s okay, too – we love the challenge and we know you’re counting on us to return your business to functionality or thrust it forward to greater success.


The best way to ensure Microsoft Project Server works the way you need it to is to sign up for Integent’s ProCare subscription support. This makes you a priority when we receive your call, rushing a functional and technical expert to your aid – one who is already familiar with not just Microsoft Server and project portfolio management, but your enterprise’s setup, goals, and objectives. Whether it’s once a year or six times a month, we’re there to help with just about anything that’s related to project management and Microsoft Project Server, from reports and dashboards, to workflow, system configuration, and formulas – and so much more.


Your team’s efficiency and success, and the ROI of your operations, depends on not just the standard uses of Microsoft Project Server, but new and innovative approaches. Our Microsoft Project Server Support is comprehensive, which means that you can count on your PPM environment for what you need. It also means that we’re ready to help you with ideas we know have worked elsewhere that may be new to you. Your planning, your reports, your resources, and your data are the lifeblood of your enterprise. Microsoft Project Server stands at the heart. We make sure your company’s heart is beating so you can run your business successfully.


Ok, so where’s the catch? Well don’t worry, we’re not going to lock you into any long-term agreement. And there is no cancellation fee. That’s right. Again, we want to keep this very simple for our customers. With out Microsoft Project Server Support there are several options available, with super-low monthly rates available.
microsoft project server support

  • Inexpensive, plans starting less than $400 a month!
  • Flexible Use: you can plan and use hours for just about anything, including training and custom development
  • Favorable terms: You can upgrade, downgrade, or terminate very freely
  • Discounted rates: Plan rates are discounted from our normal rates. You get an additional discount with each plan upgrade