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A move to Microsoft Project Online has many advantages. Not only will security and stability updates be applied automatically and on a regular schedule, however, Project Online customers are also the first to recieve functionality improvements; such as the recently introduced Agile capabilities. Having the infrastructure managed completely by Microsoft is a huge benefit as well.

If you have an on-premise environment of Microsoft Project Server and you need to move the configuration and data to the Microsoft Project Online cloud the process can be complex depending on the volume of data, the reports currently in use, and the amount of acceptable downtime. For these and other reasons it’s important to work with a partner who has successfully performed these migrations. Identifying what a customer is using today, determining if it can be replicated in Microsoft Project Online or whether we need to recode something in a different manner are important aspects in this type of migration. Reporting capabilities have changed and integration requirements are more restricted. Understanding these items up front will lead to a much more streamlined process. Some of the ways we help include:

  • Accurately define the scope of the migration to determine any required gaps and how to close them.
  • Determine what reports are in use today, and ensure strategy for them in Project Online.
  • Is the customer using single sign-on, Active Directory synchronization?
  • What customizations does the current system have today that may impact the migration?

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