Microsoft Project Server and Online Demonstration Overview

Microsoft Project Server and Online Demonstration Overview


Want to get a good overview of Microsoft Project Online and Server? Then be sure to watch this free video. We'll cover many different areas of the Microsoft Project Online tool starting with the Home Page and the significance of your role and the data you get to see, and functions you get to perform. Then we'll navigate to the Project Center, which provides your single-cohesive view of all projects in the organization. In the Resource Center we'll view different types of resources and then view Resource Availability in a graphical format, followed by timephased data to the project level. Other areas will include Excel and SQL-based reports as well as the Project Site. Be sure to join us for this brief overview.



What you will learn:

  • The Project Web App Home Page
  • Your access, based on your role
  • Viewing projects in Project Center
  • Discuss Graphical indicators, Project Attributes and grouped views
  • The timeline view
  • Project Details Pages and how they are used
  • Resource Center and the types of resources available
  • Viewing Resource Availability, significance of the calendar
  • Viewing resource assignments
  • Viewing and creating and Excel report
  • Viewing SQL Reporting Services Reports
  • Project Sites, documents, issues and risks