Microsoft Project Online for Project Managers

Microsoft Project Online for Project Managers

Use the power of Microsoft Project Online to take control of your workflow and achieve your business goals. This one-day course provides practical, hands-on experience in Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Online, giving you power over the creation, management, and reporting of project schedules.

We’ll cover many aspects of the system including how to analyze project information in Project Center and Project Details, as well as querying on resource capacity and demand information in the Resource Center.  We’ll also cover the interactive update cycle which includes accepting actuals and updating progress on your project.

After this course, you’ll understand the processes of project scheduling and control, and be able to implement those processes in Project Professional and Project Online. The course includes both lecture and plenty of hands-on exercises.

Need Small Group Training?

Learn only what you need: We can customize this course for your particular Project Online/Project Server setup. Students will gain the proficiency in the tool as it is most relevant to your operations. You’ll achieve operational efficiency and a better ROI from your current installation with a thorough understanding of using Microsoft Project for scheduling, time, and task management, resource allocation, planning, and collaboration with complementary software tools.  Contact Us for more information



What You’ll Learn

  • Understand basic project management terminology.
  • Understand the Project Online, Project Web App (PWA) and Project Professional environment.
  • Use the PWA interface.
  • Initiate projects.
  • Identify the critical components of the project scope documentation that drive the structure of your project schedule.
  • Extract key milestones and project constraints and incorporate them into the project schedule.
  • Define and sequence tasks.
  • Identify the tasks that are most likely to cause a project to be late through Critical Path Methodology analysis.
  • Understand Enterprise Resources and build a Resource Team.
  • Plan and manage resources.
  • Use Resource Engagements.
  • Set project baselines and publish projects.
  • Track and manage timesheets and project progress.
  • Understand how to analyze resulting impacts to determine schedule health.
  • Define custom global objects to enable analysis.
  • Work with master projects for multiple project analysis.
  • Collaborate on projects.
  • Create project reports and understand the audience for each.
  • Work with additional PWA functionality.