Leveraging Alerts and Reminders in Microsoft Project Online

Leveraging Alerts and Reminders in Microsoft Project Online


Alerts and Reminds in Project Online are a powerful mechanism to help you keep on top of your responsibilities and assignments on a project. For project managers, being notified on Risks and Issues the moment they are created or changed is extremely important to keeping your project on track. And for Team Members, knowing when a document has been changed, such as a design document for report specification, can be had via an alert as well. You can therefore be notified immediately to any changes made to the document that is guiding your project work.

Alerts and Reminders in Microsoft Project Online are set and maintained on the project sites, and there is one project site created for each project in the system. This video will walk you through the setup of the various types of Alerts and Reminders that can be set in the system. We'll also show how to maintain the Alerts and Reminders once they have been set. Finally we'll show you the Alerts and Reminders in action, as we will create and change issues, risks and documents to confirm our setup.



What you will learn:

  • Navigating to the Project Site
  • Review the Set Alert and Manage Alert options of a Document Library
  • Document Library
    • Create a new alert on a document library
    • Review the various options including change type, frequency, and more
      test the document library alert
    • Review alert created confirmation email
    • Change an existing document
    • Confirm are new alert generated an email notification
  • Risks
    • Create a new alert on the Risks library
    • Review and set alert options, then save the alert
    • Confirm the alert works by revising an existing Risk item
    • Confirm the email notification is recived