Creating Excel reports with Microsoft Project Online

Creating Excel reports with Microsoft Project Online


As powerful as Microsoft Project Online can be, sometimes reporting on the specific data you need is a challenge. Microsoft Project Online provides effective project and resource management capabilities to organizations of all sizes. Despite the enormous amount of resource and project information input and tracked over time, many specific tasks are difficult to accomplish with Microsoft Project alone. For instance, displaying resource demand, capacity, and remaining availability over time can be a complex task to get precisely the way you want.

In this class, you’ll learn how to create reports in Excel based on data in Microsoft Project Online by calling on OData. You will see how to create a connection to a Microsoft Project Online instance via an OData feed and Excel; add a logo and other design elements; and save your reports to the report library. Specific skills you’ll learn include joining the datasets, removing unnecessary fields to optimize refresh times, and creating a timetable and custom columns needed for your data model. You’ll add a pivot table to your report and add fields necessary for tabular information. Formatting skills you’ll develop include methods for handling column widths, auto-resizing of the table, adding slicers for filtering the report, and removing gridlines and column headings. Finally, you’ll gain the ability to generate readable charts with report titles and logos. By course conclusion your reports should be clean, sharp, and effective at communicating the key information needed to control your project.