Creating a duration-based project schedule with Microsoft Project

Creating a duration-based project schedule with Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project is a very robust product with many features and functions. As such, many users find the product somewhat difficult to acclimate to upon first using it. Between task types, effort-driven scheduling, and the dozens of different views, it’s easy to see why. This is why upon first using the product many will choose to create duration based project schedules.

Duration-based scheduling is much easier for novice schedulers as well as being more instinctive. Task dates are less likely to change dramatically, and to the user unpredictably, based on changes made to the schedule. Duration-based schedules also requires less work to estimate and track once the project is in the execution stage. In this training video we will walk you through creating a duration-based project schedule. We’ll start with entering the



What you will learn:

  • Starting a new, blank project
  • Defining the Project
  • Insert the Project Summary Task
  • Entering Tasks and Creating Summary Tasks
  • Entering Duration Estimates and Milestones
  • Creating Task Dependencies
  • Using Build Team from Enterprise
  • Assigning Resources to tasks
  • Comparing Working schedule to Baseline
  • Navigating Views
  • Highlight the Critical Path
  • Preparing for Project Launch
  • Saving your project schedule
  • Publishing you project
  • Entering and Publishing Project Progress