Creating a Project Online Major Milestone Report

Creating a Project Online Major Milestone Report

Excel can be used to create some incredible reports for Microsoft Project Online. That is once you become acclimated with how to leverage the many datasets available via OData. This particular training video is a relatively quick walkthrough of creating a report using Excel and Odata to create a Major Milestone report.

We walk through connecting to OData via Excel, selecting the dataset, as well as working with the data model. From there we move forward to inserting a Pivot Table and constructing our report. We’ll add fields, apply formatting, including conditional formatting, and then we’ll finally save the report to teh PWAReports folder of our Microsoft Project Online environment. Be sure to watch, and please follow-up with any questions!



What you will learn:

  • Create connection from Excel to Project Online OData feeds
  • Select the Dataset needed for the report
  • Create a filter in the datasource to pair down the data retrieved
  • Remove unecessary fields from datamodel to improve refreshing
  • Create a calculated column
  • Add fields to the PivotTable report
  • Apply conditional formatting for graphical representation of variance
  • Add logo and title for some final formatting
  • Save to Project Online Reports folder