Connecting and Creating your first project with Project Online

Connecting and Creating your first project with Project Online


Whether or not you have familiarity with Microsoft Project, adding Microsoft Project Online to the mix can be challenging. We are often asked questions such as “How do I upload my project to project online”, or “I save my project, however, I don't see it in Project Center”. There are a few simple steps that once you get them memorized, your experience using Microsoft Project Online will be much more memorable for the right reasons!

This training video is key to gaining a solid understanding on how to download and install Microsoft Project from the Office 365 portal. (Some of you may have this done for you by your IT administrator). Once we get it installed we create a connection between Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Online. This part is what allows you to open, save and publish projects to the cloud, rather than save .mpp files to your local desktop.



What you will learn:

  • Login to the Office 365 Portal
  • Download and Install Microsoft Project Professional
  • Login to Microsoft Project Online
  • Harvest the Microsoft Project Online URL
  • Launch Microsoft Project Professional
  • Navigate to Manage Accounts and create a Project Web App Account
  • Relaunch Microsoft Project Professional and connect to Microsoft Project Online
  • Test your connection by creating and publishing a new project
  • Confirm the test project shows up in Microsoft Project Online via the Project Web App interface