“Resources include the people, equipment and materials needed to complete the work of a project. Effective resource management is one of the most significant advantages of using Project rather than task-focused planning toolse such as issue-ticketing systems.

You can manage three types of resources in Project – work resources and two special-purpose resources: cost and material. Work resources include the people and equipment needed to complete the tasks in a project’s plan. Cost resources represent categories of financial costs, derived from specific tasks, that you need to account for in teh plan. Examples include categories of expenses like travel and entertainment. Material resources are consumagbles that get userd up as teh project proceeds. For example, a construction project might need to track steel or concrete as it is used throughout the project.

Setting up resource information in Project takes a little effort, however, the time is well spent if your project is primarily driven by time of cost constraints.

This lesson guides you through procedures related to setting up work resources, entering the maximum capacity for work resources, entering work resources pay rates, adjusting working time in a resource calendar, setting up cost resources, and documenting resources by using notes.”