Microsoft Dynamics 365: Managing Opportunities (7-18-2019)

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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Managing Opportunities

Live-Online | 2.5 hours | Free

Get access to a fully configured Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment and learn about managing opportunities via guided live-online instruction in another installment of our We Learn topic-focused training sessions.

This sessions, managing opportunities, will cover the opportunity management capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365, which make it easy to manage opportunities and convert more leads.  In this session you will learn how and when opportunities are used in Dynamics 365, options for creating opportunities and their relationships with other records, as well as how to manage them throughout their lifecycle.

If you are a current user of Dynamics 365 and would like to know about the Lead Management Lifecyle, or you are interested in the product and want a thorough introduction to this functionality, register for this free event now to save you place.

Note: This event is free and enrollment is limited to 6 attendees.

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