This webinar quickly gives new users the help they need to create and upload a project in Microsoft Project Professional to Microsoft Project Online. Understanding this expands your ability to use the tools of Microsoft Project by accessing your data and reports from the cloud. This webinar walks new users through the full process, permitting them to overcome the most common problems encountered by beginners. Procedures learned include how to download the Project Professional client, how to connect to Microsoft Project Online, publish to Project Online, and confirm your project will show up in Project Center.

This Microsoft Project Online Training video is key to gaining a solid understanding on how to download and install Microsoft Project from the Office 365 portal. (Some of you may have this done for you by your IT administrator). Once we get it installed we create a connection between Microsoft Project Professional and Microsoft Project Online. This part is what allows you to open, save and publish projects to the cloud, rather than save .mpp files to your local desktop.

Target audience:
This webinar is designed for anyone who needs to understand the basics of creating a project in Project Online and Project Server, especially newer users or those needing a refresher.

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