Achieving effective resource management is often the most difficult of all tasks in project management. Understanding the current demand on resources, the effect of moving a resource from one project to another, or determining whether or not the organization has sufficient resources avaialable to take on new initiatives are often complex and time consuming questions to answer. And even when they are answered the data is often not trustworthy or timely.

Because managing projects is a complex undertaking, this course breaks down the parts of Project so you walk away able to work with each. You’ll learn to work with and identify resource types such as enterprise and local; understand leveling; learn to allocate and adjust your resources; and units of measurement.  You’ll see how to enter and revise data using ribbons and task dialog boxes. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to generate the best possible view of the project or projects underway and have a reasonable expectation that the data are trustworthy.

Watch this Microsoft Project Online Training video to see various techniques utilizing Microsoft Project Online & Project Server to achieve effective resource management through resource types, leveling, adjusting resource allocation, and much more.

Target audience:
This training video is intended for anyone struggling with resource management.