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Why Integent MS Project Consulting?

Integent provides comprehensive MS Project Consulting and Project Management guidance multiplied by years of experience

Answers to questions. Advice that matters. Recommendations that succeed. Integent brings to bear its powerful understanding of Microsoft Project to your project management challenges with our MS Project Consulting. We work with you to meet those challenges and prevail with the right solution for your company.


We have looked at the operations of multiple enterprises of many sizes and types. Similarly, we have seen what succeeds and what won’t, and we know why. As a result, we avoid the pitfalls of cost and functional inefficiency and drive operations toward revenue growth. Commit to taking that journey with us and see where your company can end up.

Provide Yourself the Best Chance for Success by Enhancing Your Staff with the Knowledge and Know-How That Comes From Broad Experience.

Every Journey Starts With A Beginning

With our years of project management consulting and executing project management solutions utilizing Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Online for entire enterprises, we have learned the first step is to analyze our clients’ goals and assess their ability to deliver. As a result, we know the right questions to ask; what tools are in place and which ones are needed? As well as, what resources are in the right place?

Crafting Your Solution

Whether it big or small, we are here to help. Above all, we begin by ensuring productivity is properly being measured and reported. We partner to build a solid structure, identify the best way to implement a Project Management process and line up needed support (SharePoint, MS Project Server, and more).  Likewise, we correct flaws and institute appropriate workflows. Then we identify the most relevant reports that will enable refinement of operations and yield the most revenue growth.

The Right Everything

Decisions require good data. Hence, are your operations sited well? Likewise, are your resources – human, machine, and digital – operating productively? We help you work back from your goals to identify the pieces and where they belong, then ensure they adhere to key metrics. We do this without a hit to the balance sheet.

Specialized Projects

Integent can provide consulting on a comprehensive basis. Sometimes, however, a problem is so critical it must be addressed first. Integent can look at specific aspects of your business when they provide drastic or unanticipated pain points. Furthermore, we can audit your product management function for production, for technology, for finance, or any critical aspect of your business.

Integent’s MS Project Consulting Provides Measurable Improvements for You and Your Organization.

Microsoft Project is very robust scheduling software that can manage day-to-day operations, help streamline processes, and help manage resources in your organization. Consequently, Integent’s MS Project Consulting services can help you and your organization realize all the benefits of MS Project that are meaningful to you. Here are a few of the ways we help:

  • We offer Our MS Project Consulting Onsite at a customer location or virtually, offering the ultimate flexibility.
  • Integent provides services of all types, from reviewing project schedules for best practices, staff augmentation, to process improvement.
  • If you are looking for a flexible arrangement that includes both training and consulting we’d be happy to help. As a result we offer support plans with very flexible terms.

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