Microsoft Project Online Migration and Analysis

Choose the best approach to migrating your assets – your team, your tools, and your processes – to a project portfolio management environment.

Start with a plan, test the plan, validate the plan, train to the plan, go live – and succeed!

In an era reliant on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and Business Intelligence, migrating data and processes is the equivalent of a brain transplant. Planning must be meticulous, the inventory of resources and processes must be all-encompassing, and the risks, while potentially lethal to the enterprise, must be understood and managed.


An organization is the sum of its resources – people, assets, procedures. Each one is connected to one or more projects, and each of those projects has what might as well be an infinite number of pieces, people, and tasks that must be accomplished. In undertaking a migration, all of those pieces must be accounted for. This is no time for seat-of-the-pants management or management by sticky note.

Luckily for our customers, the Integent team has directed hundreds of successful data migrations. We know the best practices, we’ve seen (and overcome) the pitfalls, and we know the key aspects to the job. We’ve established guidelines, built procedures, and enabled applications to make your migration as problem-free as possible.


Microsoft Project Online Migration SupportWe encounter Microsoft Project Online Migration projects two ways. Occasionally, a customer has evaluated its environment and circumstances and wants to act on the opportunity to seize a competitive advantage or maintain parity with a competitor. Our relationship with a customer usually provides us with an insight into its business, and we can see how a new way of functioning will lead to efficiencies and a greater return on investment. That’s when we audit the client’s needs and resources, consult with our template for migration, and then customize a migration strategy. We specialize in migration, and we make migration happen as painlessly and successfully as possible.


Microsoft Project Online Migration SupportAfter building a list of necessary tasks to accomplish, taking stock of asset advantages and deficits, and assigning a target completion date, we build a planning document. This comprehensive document lists what must be done, who must do it, and when it must be done by. Responsibilities are defined clearly and the workload is allocated optimally. It ensures that disruption to operations will be minimal or non-existent. It includes a disaster recovery plan. It minimizes costs, it protects resources, and puts security front and center.

The result is a smooth Microsoft Project Online Migration , often with additional efficiency upon completion.

Migrate your operations to a project management environment that grows business and ensures success.