• Microsoft Project Online Training – Achieving Effective Resource Management

     Achieving effective resource management is often the most difficult of all tasks in project management. Understanding the current demand on resources, the effect of moving a resource from one project to another, or determining whether or not the organization has sufficient resources available to [...]

  • Microsoft Project Online Training – Using Risks and Issues

     Learn to use Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Online to manage and track problems that may prevent the project from meeting its planned deadline. In this Microsoft Project Online Training video, Students will see an example of a Risk – a possible event that [...]

  • Microsoft Project Online Training – Leveraging the Manage Delegates feature

     Delegation in Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Online is an extremely powerful capability that can be used in numerous situations. For support situations, help desk personnal can use it to login as someone experiencing a permissions-related issue to confirm, research and resolve an [...]

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