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Here you will find training videos as well as recorded webinars.  Videos vary in length from about 5  to 45 minutes in duration, though many are less than 15 minutes.  If you don't see something you are looking for feel free to suggest a video. 

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Videos are released on a weekly basis.  We encourage you to suggest videos if you do not see what you are looking for and we will add it to our list of items to product. 

Our Latest Training Videos

Creating a Simple Project Attribute In Microsoft Project Online

Custom Fields and Lookup Tables are a major piece of functionality in Project Server and Project Online. This video will walk you through step-by-step creating a simple Project Custom Attribute.

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Leveraging the Act as Delegate feature in Project Online and Server

Delegation in Project Server and Project Online is an extremely powerful capability that can be used in numerous situations. Watch this webinar to get a thorough understanding of how to leverage the delegation functionality.

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Leveraging Alerts and Reminders In Microsoft Project Online

Alerts and Reminds can be powerful mechanisms to help you keep on top of your responsibilities and assignments on a project. This webinar will walk you through the various ways in which Alerts and Reminders can be used on SharePoint entities.

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Microsoft Project Server and Online Demonstration Overview

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Want to get an overview of Project Online and Project Servers capabilities? Then watch this video! We'll cover all the basis from the role of the Executive to that of a Team Member. Views across all projects looking at KPI graphical indicators are staples in any Microsoft PPM solution and we'll show you. From the perspective of the Project and Resource Manager we'll also show you Capacity vs. Demand information in Resource Center. This is a very good overall demonstration of the capabilities of the product

Target Audience

This webinar is designed for anyone who needs to understand the the overall capabilities of Project Online and Project Server.

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