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Here you will find training videos as well as recorded webinars.  Videos vary in length from about 5  to 45 minutes in duration, though many are less than 15 minutes.  If you don't see something you are looking for feel free to suggest a video. 

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Videos are released on a weekly basis.  We encourage you to suggest videos if you do not see what you are looking for and we will add it to our list of items to product. 

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Leveraging Alerts and Reminders In Microsoft Project Online

Alerts and Reminds can be powerful mechanisms to help you keep on top of your responsibilities and assignments on a project. This webinar will walk you through the various ways in which Alerts and Reminders can be used on SharePoint entities.

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Creating a duration based project schedule with Microsoft Project

Watch this video to learn how to create a duration based project schedule using Microsoft Project and Project Online. We'll walk through the process from creating a blank project, creating tasks and relationships to entering progress information.

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Leveraging the Act as Delegate feature in Project Online and Server

Delegation in Project Server and Project Online is an extremely powerful capability that can be used in numerous situations. Watch this webinar to get a thorough understanding of how to leverage the delegation functionality.

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Creating a Simple Project Attribute In Microsoft Project Online

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Custom Fields and Lookup Tables are a major piece of functionality in Project Server and Project Online. Every Microsoft Project Server Consulting engagement we perform includes at least a few Project attributes. This video will walk you through step-by-step creating a simple Project Custom Attribute In Microsoft's PPM Solution that uses a formula to determine schedule variance. It also uses the output of the variance and maps it to a graphical indicator in order to allow the user to determine status based on a graphical KPI. In order to fully test our custom attribute we add it to a Project Center view, populate it in a test project and publish the test project. This is a great way for someone to learn every step of the process required for creating a custom project attribute in either Project Server or Project Online

Target Audience

This webinar is designed for anyone who is a functional or business administrator for Microsoft Project Server & Online

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Have you watched the video and still need help creating custom fields? We can certainly help. Whether you need a little ongoing support or help with a complete deployment, our Microsoft PPM Consulting and Project Server Consulting services can help! Contact Us today to see how our Project Server Consulting services can help