PowerBI with Microsoft Project Online Level 101


This four-hour course will teach students how to create stunning interactive reports using PowerBI and Microsoft Project Online. PowerBI has the power to transform, analyze and visualize your data from different perspectives using numerous charts, filters, and other tools. During this course you will learn how to use many of these features to create an overview dashboard, project dashboard, and resource dashboard with calculated fields, drilldown capabilities, filters, and other powerful PowerBI features. There will be both class lecture and plenty of hands-on exercises.  

Target Audience

Program Managers, project managers, and any individuals that want to be able to create and maintain reports and dashboards using Microsoft Project Online and PowerBI 

Provided with the Course

Students are provided with copies of the slides used during the class, an exercise booklet, and access to a Microsoft Project Online environment as well as PowerBI Professional for the duration of class and one full week thereafter. 

What You’ll Learn
  • Understanding of the different PowerBI products
  • Download and install PowerBI desktop
  • Connecting to a Microsoft Project Online instance
  • Creating a data model in the PowerBI desktop
  • Discussion on refresh rates and tips on efficiencies
  • Query optimization techniques
  • Filtering options and levels
  • Creating reports
  • Creating dashboards
  • Putting it all together
  • Publishing the PowerBI dashboard to Microsoft Project Online for stakeholder access
  • Other tips & tricks