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PMO Consulting

"How are our projects tracking?", "Does management have realistic information from which to base informed decisions?", "What is the organizations capacity to take on new projects, and what is the current demand on resources?". We have all heard these types of questions at one time or another. So what's the answer? At Integent we the take the time to listen to our customers, in order to fully understand how they are doing things today. Once we document and assimilate this information, we make recommendations for improvements based on the organizations specific needs. And based on the organizations ability to accept change, the correct amount of improvement to introduce at any one time is determined. We help you understand how all the moving parts can be organized, structured, managed, and tracked, in order to implement effective project and resource management. The result being an informed organization able to make decisions based on real-time and accurate information.

As part of a PMO engagement, we will:

Conduct a kick-off meeting to assess the current state of your business which includes: Project & Portfolio management, Tools currently in use, Project Intake, Project Initiation through execution and closing, Resource Demand versus Capacity, and Reporting.

At Integent, we use our years of experience to help create a successful PMO by bringing together three core components:

  • People - Develop change management procedures to mitigate resistance and increase acclimation
  • Process - Implementation of new processes, standards and training with the ideal amount of technology
  • Technology - Microsoft Project Server configured to support the defined processes

Just as important as the components themselves is the amount of each, as well as the timing. A phased approach is key, and we work with the PMO to set specific milestones in order to introduce the right amount of change in order to realize the small victories. This is quite often referred to as the Crawl, Walk, Run approach. Which helps avoid putting the success of the PMO at risk. Integent has a successful track record of helping organizations of all types and sizes successfully implement PMOs that increase their project and program management practices.

We will be leveraging the areas of PMO Consulting that address your key requirements and provide knowledge transfer of those capabilities and how best to leverage those capabilities. We will provide access to the right technology for your organization, with support and training. We will work with the people and institute the right process for project management success. We will develop a roadmap for how your organization will realize quantifiable benefits. We will determine the best approach to address your pain points and determine a successful solution for the people, processes and technology at your organization.

What our clients are saying

Allyson Bosch, Alberta Environment

We are very satisfied with Integent and readily recommend them to any organization looking for experts with Microsoft Project Server.

Nena Krause, Meggitt

Never have I been so ready to start my company up on a new tool. Lots of work, but totally worth it. Good-bye old excel spreadsheets...