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Case Study: Bell Technical Solutions

Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Canada that specializes in the installation of Bell services, including Home phone, Internet and Fibe TV. BTS operates in the residential and business sectors throughout Québec and Ontario. With more than 4,500 employees, BTS has experienced strong growth since its foundation in 1996 and continues to distinguish itself from the competition through highly skilled labor and high-caliber service.

What We Needed to Solve

Timely and Accurate Portfolio Reporting

The BTS team was using various tools for reporting. With inconsistent tools, BTS struggled with reporting across the portfolio. There was no visibility of the "total picture" associated with resource demand. BTS wanted to explore taking advantage of more of the reporting capabilities in Microsoft Project Server in order to create meaningful dashboards with timely and relevant information.

Managing Resource Allocation

BTS did not have consistent reporting tools, and therefore found it difficult to accurately determine their available resources. Understanding resource utilization, what resources were working on, and the impact of moving a resource to a different project was very difficult to determine.

Tracking Projects Progress

BTS's team members were using different solutions to track their projects. With different methods for tracking company wide projects progress, their system was not consistent or easy to analyze. BTS needed a Project tracking method that was consistent across their entire organization.

The Solution

Custom Reporting to Meet the Clients Needs

  1. Integent developed several custom reports for BTS, which included:
    • Project Status Reports
    • Executive Overview
    • Portfolio Overview
    • Resource Allocation Report
    • Timesheet Compliance Report
  2. Integent configured the solution to support task assignments. Integent also trained their Project Managers on how to develop their schedules more consistently and to a level that made resource tracking easier and more efficient. The consistency applied across all Project Managers was paramount to their success.
  3. Integent implemented the Single Entry Mode (SEM) time sheet feature in Project Server.
  4. BTS purchased Integent's report pack, which was then customized to BTS's specific needs.

The Results

Immediate Benefits and a Solution that Fixes the Pain-points

BTS is using Microsoft Project Server for the first time on a very large infrastructure project, and they are seeing immediate benefits. They are seeing automatic updates to the project schedule and work completion status from the resources updating the status of the actual work completed in their task assignments. Real time information about resource utilization and capacity on projects has given BTS the opportunity for the first time, to plan resources time, what they could spend on non-project work versus their availability to work on projects. The most important result for BTS is that they now have real time information about resource utilization and capacity on all projects, making informed decisions a reality.

  • BTS can now successfully track project progress through the SEM timesheet feature.
  • BTS has much better reporting and can now see information across the portfolio
  • BTS can now manage resource allocation across the portfolio

What our clients are saying

Gabriel Di Lullo, Associate Director I.T.

Our resources really appreciate seeing their task assignments weeks in advance in the context of a larger project schedule. They have line of sight on the dependencies between tasks and the impact their work has on the project. I don’t think we could ever go back to the way we worked on projects before.