Client History

Integent has an extensive list of customers. We work with small to very large organizations and strive to build long standing relationships with all of our customers. We can only achieve this goal through the delivery of exceptional quality and the highest value for each and every project we deliver. We are committed to your success. Below are a few companies of which you may be aware.

Case Studies

Tetra Tech

Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers is a leading provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services. It needed to upgrade from their home-grown project management solution to one with advanced features and long-term support. The Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers project group supports over one hundred employees as they deliver complex building projects for schools, municipalities, sports teams, and commercial builders.

Prior to this implementation, senior managers were not able to quickly analyze department workload — now, because of Integent, they can.

Cynthia Nicholson , Director Tetra Tech Architects and Engineers


Shire is one of the world’s leading specialty pharmaceutical companies. They were having a difficult time understanding the demand on their resources, as well as the total cost of a given project. Shire, therefore, needed more visibility into real-time and accurate resource information, as well as detailed cost information.

Integent had extensive knowledge of MS Project —they knew everything.

Ryan Ennis , Scheduling Manager, Shire HGT

Bell Technical Solutions

Bell Technical Solutions (BTS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Canada. They required an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution to help them simplify and standardize the way in which their resources enter and submit project time, as well as provide real-time and accurate resource capacity vs. demand information. Integent provided the expertise and breadth of knowledge to deploy the necessary amount of technology and process from which BST greatly benefits.

Our resources really appreciate seeing their task assignments weeks in advance in the context of a larger project schedule. They have line of sight on the dependencies between tasks and the impact their work has on the project. I don’t think we could ever go back to the way we worked on projects before.

Gabriel Di Lullo , Associate Director I.T. Bell Technical Solutions

Euro-Pro Operating

Euro-Pro Operating, LLC is the creator of the familiar household brands Shark and Ninja. In their current state, they had no visibility into their portfolio of proposed and ongoing projects. Significant time was spent developing weekly PowerPoint slides, which required quite a bit of effort to track down project information. Primarily because there was no standardized approach or tool used to manage and track projects. Euro-Pro also had issues tracking all project initiatives in a single location and had no standard mechanism in which to initiate projects.

Our lead during the discovery and implementation phases of the project, delivered multiple training sessions tailored to our (ever changing) needs. Her exceptional MS Project knowledge, ability to apply the tool to various reality-based scenarios with flexibility, sense of humor and practicality has been a key contributor to our success. She managed to turn what could have been a long and painful requirements gathering and training sessions to engaging and entertaining events. Having done numerous training sessions in my career this was the most fun I’ve ever had.

Alina Aronova , VP of Process Management PMO


Transamerica is a leading provider of customized retirement plan solutions. Transamerica's project and portfolio management processes and procedures lacked standardization. Because of this, it was very difficult to track project progress, understand resource capacity vs. demand, and ensure project requests followed a methodology from concept through closure.


Haemonetics Corporation, a global healthcare company, having used Microsoft Project Server 2007 for a number of years, was very interested in upgrading to Microsoft Project Server 2010 in order to capitalize on the improved timesheet capabilities as well as other new functionality. Integent provided the expertise necessary for this upgrade, resulting in Haemonetics benefiting from the numerous functionality enhancements this new version has to offer.


Hasbro, Inc. is a branded play company. With Project Server 2007 already in place, they needed help in leveraging additional features that the product had to offer. Hasbro also needed assistance with complex projects consisting of thousand of tasks. Hasbro engaged Integent to mentor and guide them with their more in-depth use of Project Server 2007, such that Hasbro has a more stable and functional Enterprise Project Management solution.

Emergent BioSolutions

Emergent BioSolutions (EBSI) is a global specialty pharmaceutical company. EBSI's financial stakeholders required sophisticated OLAP-based reporting on financial information originating in Microsoft Project Server 2010. Integent was contracted to build an interface for Microsoft Project Server 2010 that produced a data warehouse, from which a custom OLAP cube and various SQL Reporting Services based reports developed and deployed. EBSI's financial stakeholders now have the real-time and accurate information that is critical to business decisions.

Delta Dental of Wisconsin

Delta Dental of Wisconsin (DDWI) is the leader in Wisconsin's dental-insurance market.They had been using Microsoft Project Server 2007, and found the timesheet functionality provided with this version to be very complex and cumbersome to use. These and other factors resulted in user frustration with the product, which greatly affected adoption. After learning about the new timesheet capabilities included with Microsoft Project Sever 2010, DDWI decided to upgrade and chose Integent as their services partner. Integent successfully implemented both DDWI's Project Server solution, as well we their entire SharePoint 2007 portal. DDWI is now able to leverage the new capabilities that both products have to offer.

Salem Five

Salem Five a leading financial services institution was looking for a new Enterprise Project Management partner to provide them with Microsoft Project Server support. In order to build credibility with Salem Five, Integent agreed to solve one of their major issues at no charge. Integent's Director of Delivery and Senior Customer Support resource setup and held a web-based meeting with Salem Five's primary stakeholder. As expected, Integent's support resource was able to solve an issue very quickly that had been plaguing Salem Five for weeks. Salem Five is now benefiting from a more stable and useful Project Server environment.

I was checking my watch the entire time during the meeting, and your resource solved the issue in 45 minutes. Our previous vendor spent more than 10hrs researching the issue and was never able to solve it!"

Primary Stakeholder